• Carience Latex Mattress

    100% naturally derived eco-friendly latex

    The latex we use is organically derived from rubber trees. The sap from the tree is collected to be processed into a comfortable & hypoallergenic foam layer that has a slight bounce to it. Instantly responding to the weight on top to provide pressure relief, the foam layer retains its shape use after use.

    Sleep safe and sound every night

    Hypoallergenic in nature owing to its organic latex design, this mattress ensures dust mites and consequent allergies stay far away from you

    The best mattress for all back and side sleepers

    Supporting every inch of your body – from your shoulders to your feet – the Latex eliminates pain as you slumber the night away on your back and side. Especially recommended for the elderly as the bounce makes it easier to get out of bed.

    Carience Latex Mattress


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