• Advanced Spine Guard Foam Mattress

    Our team of engineers have dreamed up a mattress that kicks quality butt. The durable CARIENCE ADVANCED SPINE GUARD mattress keeps its form and shape so you sleep well for years to come.

    Who says a mattress can’t have fashion sense? The grey-and-white mesh cover turns heads on pillows.

    No one wants an uncomfortable mattress, CARIENCE ADVANCED SPINE GUARD is designed in such a way that it provides support to aged people with back pain.This provides rigid support and it really helps people with back pain.

  • Bonax Premium

    Remarkable value

    Enjoy a high-end sleep experience at a third of the price of traditional retailers with a 5 year warranty.

    Exceptional comfort

    A perfect blend of luxurious foam, cooling quilting support and responsive pocket springs.

    Balanced firmness

    A medium comfort, universally comfortable design, made to suit most body types and sleeping positions.

    Bonax Premium

  • Bonax Premium Pillow Top

    High Resilience Foam
    Highly responsive foam layer with a supportive feel.

    High Density Foam
    The support layer adds to the resilience and overall comfort.

    Multiple adaptive foam layers provide cushioning effect for enhanced comfort.

    Bonax Premium Pillow Top

  • Bonax Standard

    Plush feeling

    The Carience mattress has breathable material, its knitted fabric is multi-needle quilt with double layer foam for utmost comfort.

    An Undisturbed Sleep

    We know how important a factor circulation is for better sleep. Spring mattresses have a considerable amount of space between them and hence allow easy ventilation. This helps prevent the accumulation of body heat and promotes better sleep.

    High-Quality Mattress

    The Repose mattress is made with high-quality PU foam material that is crafted with excellence to provide comfy back support.

    Bonax Standard

  • Bonax Standard Pillow Top

    High Resilience Foam

    Highly responsive foam layer with a supportive feel.

    High Density Foam

    The support layer adds to the resilience and overall comfort.


    Multiple adaptive foam layers provide cushioning effect for enhanced comfort.

    Bonax Standard Pillow Top

  • Cantisa

    5* Hotel Quality Feel – Pocket-Spring Coils make you feel five-star hotel quality feel.

    Breathable Airflow – Using of Coils in Pocket-Spring makes it more breathable as airflow is throughout easily.

    Edge Support – Pocket-Spring Coils offers a Great Edge Support.

    Responsiveness – Faster Adjusts to your Movements than another Mattress.


  • Cantisa ETL

    Superior push-back support

    Because of its unique cell structure, natural latex has a naturally “springy” character, making it super responsive, pressure relieving and supremely comfortable. It conforms to your body, providing superior support that eliminates pressure points caused by most mattress.

    Hypoallergenic & non-toxic

    Natural latex is antibacterial and hypoallergenic, providing you with a cleaner and healthier sleep. Additionally, the ventilation in latex makes it naturally antimicrobial and dust-mite resistant, helping you breathe easier through the night.

     Lifelong durability

    Mattresses made with 100% natural latex are one of the most highly durable and resilient mattress types available, build to last night after night. For a large purchase like a mattress, It makes financial sense to buy one that will last you a long time.

    Cantisa ETL

  • Cantisa ETS

    Zero disturbance – spring / coils are individually encased in pockets, so they each respond independently to the pressure and thereby no disturbance to you and partner, during the sleep.

    Corner and m spring, border wire – we uses border wires in core construction of the mattress, it hold springs alignment and protects from de-shape in width and length.

    High density PU (polyurethane) foam and knitted fabric – PU foam topper provides sufficient comfort to the body contours, elegant look with soft texture, moisture absorbing and odor free.

    Cantisa ETS

  • Carience Classic Foam Mattress

    Mattress Feel
    Medium Soft and Medium Firm on opposite sides.

    Mattress Usability
    Usable on both sides. Medium firm on one side for those who prefer firm support and medium soft on the other side for those who prefer soft comfort.

    7 years manufacturer warranty Cover Material:Premium quality high GSM spun knitted fabric.

    Carience Classic Foam Mattress

  • Carience Latex Mattress

    100% naturally derived eco-friendly latex

    The latex we use is organically derived from rubber trees. The sap from the tree is collected to be processed into a comfortable & hypoallergenic foam layer that has a slight bounce to it. Instantly responding to the weight on top to provide pressure relief, the foam layer retains its shape use after use.

    Sleep safe and sound every night

    Hypoallergenic in nature owing to its organic latex design, this mattress ensures dust mites and consequent allergies stay far away from you

    The best mattress for all back and side sleepers

    Supporting every inch of your body – from your shoulders to your feet – the Latex eliminates pain as you slumber the night away on your back and side. Especially recommended for the elderly as the bounce makes it easier to get out of bed.

    Carience Latex Mattress

  • Carience Splash Foam Mattress

    Comfort – high bounciness and excellent breath-ability for extra comfort And support.

    Durability – does not decompose or disintegrate with time, Making it highly durable for long life.

    Washable – static to water and humidity, easy to remove stains and easy to keep it fresh & odorless.

    Foldable – lightweight & easy to carry.

    Value for money – high cost effective returns value on money spent. 

    Made up of 100% pure puf with various densities anti sag durable soft.

    Carience Splash Foam Mattress


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